hey, I'm kaarthik

I'm an experienced data engineer passionate about AI and open source. I specialize in developing data applications, pipelines, and machine learning models using cutting-edge tools. Currently, I work at laybuy logomarkLaybuy as an analytics engineer, focusing on automations, data engineering, and generative AI.

Celebrating Holi

My tech stack includes Python, SQL, TypeScript, and I work extensively with Snowflake, AWS, Next.js, and Cloudflare. I'm particularly excited about AI and its applications in data engineering.

Some of my notable projects include snowChat (AI-based auto text to SQL chatbot), snowBrain (AI Chatbot for text to SQL and data visualization), and snowSend (dynamic email sender from Snowflake). I'm also the creator of an open-source python package for deploying Snowflake components using Snowpark.

My recent achievements include winning the Snowflake Streamlit AI hackathon in 2023 and the Cloudflare AI competition in 2024. I'm constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with data and AI.

Key Skills:

  • Data Warehousing & ETL: Snowflake, DBT, Airflow
  • Cloud & ML: AWS (Lambda, SageMaker, Personalize)
  • Web Development: Fast API, Next.js
  • CI/CD & IaC: GitHub Actions, Pulumi, Terraform
  • Visualization: Power BI, Streamlit, AWS QuickSight