hackathons I won

  • Cloudflare AI Hackathon Preview

    Cloudflare AI Hackathon

    Built Di1 using Cloudflare's product offerings, including Workers AI, Vectorize, AI Gateway, Pages, Python Workers, and D1.

    Technologies used:

    • Cloudflare Workers AI
    • Cloudflare Vectorize
    • Cloudflare AI Gateway
    • Cloudflare Pages
    • Cloudflare Python Workers
    • Cloudflare D1
    • Vercel AI SDK
    • OpenAI
  • Snowflake Streamlit Hackathon Preview

    Snowflake Streamlit Hackathon

    Clinched the 1st place for snowChat❄️. A chatbot that uses various LLM models to generate text to SQL queries.

    Technologies used:

    • Snowflake
    • Streamlit
    • GPT-4